Sunday, August 01, 2010

USS Midway Museum

Onboard the USS Midway

Have you wondered about the South Vietnamese people who escaped from Saigon when North Vietnamese tanks crashed through the walls and gates on April 30, 1975?  You may remember the news footage of helicopters lifting people from the rooftop at 22 Gia Long Street and taking them to the USS Midway offshore in the South China Sea.  The ship added 4,000 people that day.  It became so crowded on the carrier that many Huey helicopters were pushed overboard after their last flight to make room for the people.

On April 30, 2010 the 35th anniversary celebration took place on the USS Midway that is now a museum in the San Diego Bay. Watch this short video clip of people whose lives were saved 35 years ago.  Click here.

My wife, daughter, and I toured the aircraft carrier museum when we vacationed recently.  I salute all men and women who serve or served in the Navy.  See some of my pictures below.

Have a good week!
Inside the top bridge of the island
F-4 Phantom, I loved the sight of these jets when they delivered air support to us fighting on the ground in Vietnam in 1966.
A View of the Flight Deck
The docent (retired Navy) in the yellow cap explained ship operations.  


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