Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Educator Statistics

🍎 My Educator Statistics at the end of school year 2015-16

🍎 Years as a substitute teacher: 11

🍎 Number of days worked as a substitute teacher: 800

🍎 Percent of school days worked: 40%

🍎 Overall average days worked: 2 days per week

🍎Number of schools worked: 3/4 of all high schools in WSFC

🍎Which school worked most: Reagan High School, 95%

🍎Number of teachers subbed for: 40 to 50 est.

🍎Number of opportunities to inspire students: 80,000
      (800 days times 100 students per day)

🍎Number of unique students in classrooms: 8,000-1,0000 est.

🍎Number of invites to be the graduation commencement speaker: 1, 2011
        (honor of lifetime)

🍎Total compensation received from WSFC: $62,000

🍎My personal growth enabled by interacting with modern teenagers:      Immense


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