Friday, February 17, 2006


I spent two days this week sawmilling the nicest pine logs of my fifteen years experience. You may ask what makes a log "nice"? A prime log is big in diameter, round, long, negligible taper, and no limbs. I sawed nine such logs. If you have the least bit of interest in trees, lumber, wood, sawing, and the process from stump to lumber, then return here next Tuesday when I begin a series using pictures and words to describe converting logs to lumber.

My wife and I will leave tomorrow morning for New Bern for a weekend vacation. We will visit sites there and plan an itinerary for a family gathering on Memorial Day weekend in that area.

As President's Day is near, write an email message to our president that expresses thanks and encouragement. All presidents need that from us in heartland USA. My daddy taught me that value regardless of whether I voted for the current occupant. Serving as president is a tough job at any time. My wife and I sent our message yesterday. Here is the address:

Have a good day and weekend!


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