Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Think About It!

On Sunday May 4, 2003 I attended morning services at Newman Catholic Student Center Parish in Chapel Hill. Fr. Phillip Leach delivered the homily. His message was on the topic of "sin". He said "he had recently completed a thorough study of past scholarly works and derived definitions on sin". I will attempt to summarized his message here. These are paraphrases of his message as I heard it.

1. If you put a worldly "good" ahead of the greatest "Good", you sin.

2. If you fail to become what God created you to be, you sin.

3. If you fail to see God in everything around you, you sin.

I thought his message was powerful and put into terms that I hadn't considered. Isn't it enlightening and enriching to get a message from different sources. In December, 2005 my church didn't have the normal early morning worship service for a couple weeks. My wife and I got ready as usual, drove down the road and turned into the first church we encountered. We enjoyed the worship, saw people we knew, and were enriched by the variety.

Have a good day!


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