Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let it Rain!

As a retiree, I have excess time and it's wonderful. Sometimes I begin a new day with no pressing agenda. Some days the weather is rainy, cold, and not suitable for outdoor activity. On some of the days like that I decide to attend class at Ashland University in Ohio. There is no pre-registration required, no SAT score to submit, no tuition to pay, and no cost at all. I attend classes in the comfort of my den, sitting beside my fireplace in an easy chair, and sipping gourmet coffee. Through my computer and Internet connection, I listen to lectures from scholars to students in the Ashbrook Center of the Ashland University Library. These seminars run 90 to 120 minutes and usually continue over two or three sessions per topic. There are many historical events and famous people from which to choose sessions to listen and learn. If I choose to stop before a sessions ends, I can terminate the audio and return later to the place I stopped. These are very informative classes with questions from the student audience at the end. Of course, I can't ask a question from my den. Technology is wonderful and melds nicely with retirement.

You can visit this site by clicking here.

Also, go to my Blog entry on January 23 about "Saint Ralph" and see the comment response from one reader.

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