Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Internet and email are not new and probably everyone reading this has both. I begin every day with an hour on the Internet non-stop except to pour two cups of coffee. I spend about two minutes visiting a site to see digital images taken by amateur photographers from around the world. These photos are only one or two days old and involve nature shots like sunrise, sunset, rainbows, snowfall, birds, storms, bridge over valley, etc. For example, yesterday I saw:

Cape Merares, OR - lighthouse

Turkey - snow capped mountains from airplane

Jamtland, Sweden - snowfall

Auckland, New Zealand - I forget the scene there

Bergamo, Italy - iced sunset

Klooga Beach, Estonia - beach scene, early morning or evening

Bryson City, NC - train track along beautiful countryside

These beautiful, high-resolution, digital images give me a current view of the world where weather and nature may be different from my area. It allows me to start the day with a global view. It expands the universe of my mind.

You may want to visit this site at: http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/viewimages.html

You might want to bookmark this site and visit it often. There are around 400 photos uploaded daily. Check out a sampling of them. Click on the thumb-nail pictures to enlarge. See photo and read about the photographer.

Have a good day!


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