Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Love Technology!

I love technology! Over the past twenty-five years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on computers, LCD TV, digital projector, digital camera, GPS, BlackBerry, iPod, weather station, PDAs, and printers. I don't begrudge any of that spending. Each new device or computer upgrade has meant learning how to use the features to get the benefits. Some people question such purchases by saying the technology is changing so fast that whatever you purchase today will be obsolete next year. I suggest that statement is only partially true. I agree that next year the technology will be enhanced. If one doesn't get onboard with computing and electronic devices, then, that person may discover one day that one's self may be obsolete. You can love technology and attempt to keep up or you can let the world move forward as you hold on to pencil and paper.

During the coming days, I'm going to write and show how high-tech instrumentation has enhanced my universe. Sure, I could live without it. It's not absolutely essential. But, it sure is fun, informative, entertaining, and exciting to me.

Come back in the days ahead!


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