Friday, January 27, 2006

More on Technology

Several years ago my wife and children gave me a personal weather station for my birthday. It is an electronic station by Oregon Scientific that measures temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, and rainfall rate. I tastefully attached this instrumentation to my chimney top and house roof eaves, strung the wires through the attic, ceiling, wall, and connected then into my computer.
Every 15 seconds data is feed to my computer from the sensors. The computer tabulates this weather data and transmits the results to a host computer on the Internet every 15 minutes. Anyone with a computer and Internet service can visit that site and see this weather history at my house here in Seward of the Pfafftown community. The data is displayed in graphic form as well as tabular. The graphs of data are displayed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly with a click of the mouse. Another click or two will show this data for any date you choose. When I traveled to other countries, I used the hotel business center computers and checked the temperature at my house. You may want to check it now from your location by clicking the link below.

My weather station

What do you think?

Do any of you watch the television series "24"? Have you noticed how unusual Jack Bauer's voice sounds? Especially when he speaks face-to-face with someone and nobody else should be listening. I've never heard voice sounds this way before. It sounds like there's not enough air passing from his lungs through his mouth to make sound. Somebody describe this sound to me.

Have a good day. I need to get ready to sub.


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