Saturday, January 28, 2006

More on Technology

I know a man in Chapel Hill who runs for fun, exercise, exhileration, and for keeping in shape for competitive meets. When he runs, he wears a GPS unit on his wrist like most of us wear a watch. This device connects to orbiting satellites that track his movement, speed, and direction. After running, the GPS wrist device is connected to his computer where the data is transmitted into a software program that creates a tracking plot. This plot is then superimposed onto a Google Earth photograph of the location where he ran. If you click on the below link and scroll down the page quickly, you will see the map of one run taking place. Follow the trails, see the stadium and Chapel Hill streets and roads. The screen also displays relevant statistics about the run performance like total distance and average speed.

See him run

There is more interesting stuff on his Blog site which is

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