Friday, February 03, 2006

Burial Ground

In December 2004 my brother and I set out to find the grave of our great-grandfather. We received general directions from our mother about where we should search. He died in the 1920's and was laid to rest in a place where neighbors buried their family members. The place was not a church cemetery or a so called private family cemetery. It was a high ground where people of the area during that period would entomb the dead.

The picture shows what my brother and I found. Trees have grown and the cemetery is now in woods. The headstones were mostly flat rocks turned on edge with no information. One rock had initials scratched into its surface. In front of each stone the ground was sunken. The harvest of trees had occurred around this site by loggers not many years ago, but the trees among the graves were undisturbed. One big tree did contain a deerstand where hunters can get a good view when hunting.

Some markers had names, birth and death dates that were readable. We saw last names of Sprinkle, Brown, Vogler, and Hunter. The oldest date of death readable was 1851 and the newest was 1905. We estimated 35-40 graves there. You can visit this site by entering the below coordinates into your GPS and then follow the device's arrow.

N 36 11.523

W 80 25.249

Hint: This site is in Forsyth County of North Carolina not far from the Yadkin River.

On another day I'll tell you something interesting about this man, my great grandfather.

Have a good day!


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