Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Credits and Thank You

Several people helped me recall certain dates, events, exact names, and contributed pictures for writing about Lee Anderson and his family.

Lee's daughter, Dorothy Shuford, talked with me several times and related stories and experiences. Don Shuford told me about his relationship with his father-in-law. Lee's sisters Ann Mabe and Pat Puckett helped a great deal in remembering events in the 1930's,'40's, and 50's. My brother Tim Mabe and my sister Glenda Boles reminded me about antics by our uncle. Bobby Long, Earlie Vogler, and Eddie Gregory also gave me information about Lee that I used in the writing.

Early in the blog I wrote that there were no known early photos of Elvira Scott Anderson, Lee's mother.

Later, one reader, Ann Mabe, found a photo which is shown above. This photo was made in 1912. This beautiful young woman, Elvira, is holding her first of thirteen children. This baby is another of my uncles, the late John William Anderson (4/7/11 - 1/8/99).

I can visualize Elvira looking much the same in 1916 when she would have held her new baby Jasper Lee.

I also thank my son David who encouraged me to write and many thanks to all the readers who followed the writing of The Life and Times of Jasper Lee Anderson.

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