Monday, November 06, 2006

Wonder Sights

I've seen awesome sights in Chicago, Costa Rica and many other places. The top picture is a view from the top floor of the John Hancock building taken when my wife and I visited there in 2003. The next picture was made of the same building at ground level.

The third picture is a view from the rim of Volcano Poas as we visited a national park in the mountains of Costa Rica, the country we toured in 2004 to celebrate our 35th anniversary. I'm reading the park's sign in the bottom picture.

I've seen some equally awesome images since I took these photos, but I wasn't able to capture them on film. The reason I couldn't is because these sights were in classrooms where I "subbed" for teachers in high school. I have stood in front of classes of high school teenagers explaining the day's assignment, relating a story, or expressing to them how they should think and reason about certain aspects of school, learning and growing up.

I've seen faces among these crowds looking back at me admiringly. These fleeting moments can't be captured on film, but they are recorded in my memory. I now know one reason teachers teach.

Return here on Wednesday, November 8 for an update.

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