Sunday, September 14, 2008


Senator Barack Obama wants to be Commander-in-Chief of all the U. S. Armed Forces.  That is weird.  He has never been in the military yet he wants the top command position.  

Modern U. S. Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Bush, and Bush all had some or a lot of military service.  Presidents need military experience in order to get respect and appropriate action from the armed forces and the Pentagon.  A president without this experience must lavish unending praise on the military to get their attention and cooperation.  

Senator Joseph Biden wants to be second in command of the armed forces. That is strange.  Mr. Biden said, "no" five times when his local draft board requested him to serve in the military when he was young. He was granted five deferments (a deferment is a postponement usually due to college).  He was finally given a medical deferment status because of an asthma condition. Persons with asthma can have difficulty breathing when under stressful conditions.

Current Vice President Richard Cheney also had five deferments when he was young and he, too, never served in the military.  Some people feel he has been problematic with the current war and the rationale for the need of war.

My point is this:  if one desires to be Commander-in-Chief, one should serve in the military first. A hundred generals and admirals retire from the military each year.  Surely there must be a dozen or more from this group who are capable of becoming U. S. presidents.  Why are they not running for this office? Why are the political parties not recruiting them?  Why are some voters enamored by a potential commander with no military experience? 

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