Sunday, November 30, 2008

Compassion, Tolerance, & Patience

Think about compassion, tolerance, and patience.  I have given these virtues close observation within myself as I've substitute taught in high school classrooms during the past three years. There have been times when I was inclined to behave in contradiction to these virtues when students didn't respond the way I desired.  If I'm not careful I view students through my prism of 61 years of life and experiences.  I often remind myself that these students were born only 14 to 18 years ago and there is much for them to experience on the journey to maturity and responsibility. 

This brings me to comment on some of us who behave or speak in the most intolerant, dispassionate, and impatient ways.  

First, many of us reformed smokers are absolutely intolerant of cigarette smokers. One would think that past smokers would empathize with those who cannot or don't want to quit the habit. Surely we understand the controlling desire felt by the addiction. 

Secondly,  some formal educated people distance themselves from people who are not educated at the same university or do not have an equivalent degree. Why is that? Robert Frost, the American  poet, said, "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence." 

Next, are the so called "Christians".  These folks hardly speak to or associate with others who don't appear Christian.  How does one follow the teachings of Jesus when one avoids people who need an example of the goodness in Christianity?  

This is very odd human behavior.  It causes me to wonder about the true motivations and desires in people.

Have a good week!


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