Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Camp

It was a privilege to join our church youth group at Camp Caswell on Oak Island near Wilmington, North Carolina. I was one of two male chaperones to accompany seventeen youths.

One thousand youths, leaders, and chaperones from 44 churches were gathered at this excellent facility for worship, Bible study, devotions, meal preparations, and fun leisure time activities.

Morning and evening services were held each day in Hatch Auditorium. The worship leader was former NFL football player, Derwin L. Gray. This evangelism linebacker from a south Charlotte church exhibited great passion for Jesus. We were inspired by his preaching on the scriptures in The Holy Bible. I estimated a hundred youths committed to follow Christ by stepping forward during the invitation.

The theme of the week was iLove - love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength; love oneself; and love your neighbor as yourself.

One day's message was on human sexuality and how God created sex for procreation and pleasure between husband and wife. Mr. Gray left no stone unturned as he preached to teenagers about avoidance of intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, dry humping, and porn. He talked to us about the value and rewards of saving virginity beyond teenage years for a future spouse. His message reminded everyone about temptations we face everyday with the marketing of sexual imagery and the behaviors of men and women in pictures, movies, media, and on TV. Many teenagers at church camp purchased a "purity ring" as a reminder to themselves and friends of their goal to remain pure until marriage.

Further discussion with teenagers about sex education was held when the youths were separated by gender. The teenagers' youth leader and chaperones met with their respective gender group to further discuss the message. This allowed students and their youth leader to talk about appropriate attire, degrees of kissing, behaviors at school, and the use of daily prayer to help stay the course.

Has your teenager received biblical guidance on sexuality?

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Click here to see more photos of the camp area and the fun time had by all.

Have a good week!


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