Saturday, August 01, 2009

Does A Bear Live In The Woods?

Does a bear live in the woods? Duh...well, yes!

The bear in the pictures was near the deck of a homeowner in River Wood along River Ridge Road of Forsyth County in North Carolina. This sighting occurred in July 2009. This homeowner remained calm, took pictures from the deck, and watched the animal for many minutes. The young male bear helped himself to the food in the bird feeders then moved on.

Other bears have been seen a few miles away during the same month. Another homeowner near Robin Hood Road called 911 to report the sighting in his backyard. The newspaper reported that Winston-Salem Police officers investigated and killed the animal with four shots.

The Google map below shows the area of Forsyth County where bears have been seen. The red pin was the location of the bear in the pictures above. How close do you live to that location?

Yes, bears live in the woods along with snakes, raccoons, skunks, poison ivy, and other nature. If men build houses in the woods, expect to see wildlife. Get accustomed to it. If one can't coexist with a few wild bears, then move to a place where there's lots of cement and high-density houses. More realistically, just remain alert, calm, and enjoy the experience like the man who took these pictures.

Click on the picture and map for close up viewing.

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