Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice Age

The ice measured 3.5 inches thick near the dam and 2.25 inches at another spot.

The lake became frozen a couple weeks ago. Daily temperatures have ranged from below 20 degrees for many nights to only into the thirties most days for the past week.

My wife and I walk on the trails around this lake in C. G. Hill Park most days. We arrive there before daylight and see dawn as we walk the one mile of trails four times. I became curious about the depth of the ice this morning (1/11/10) and returned to the lake with a drill and ruler.

The bottom two pictures show where 8 resident ducks are spending their time. My wife was concerned about their limited food supply and asked me to get a 50 lb. bag of cracked corn from Riverside Farm and Garden and give it to the park attendant. I complied.

See the pictures here and have a good week!


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