Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence Day Parade

Horses and riders from Escondido

Beginning at 9:30 am PST on July 3, 2010, I stood on the corner of Orange Avenue and 3rd Street on Coronado Island, California to watch their Independence Day Parade.  The parade started at 10:00 and lasted two hours.  I saw the normal marching bands, fire trucks, veteran's groups, classic cars and more. Until I attended this parade, I'd never before seen United States Border Patrol agents.  The three pictures below show agents marching, riding horses, or driving dune buggy-like vehicles.  They consisted of men and women and were impressive people.

Independence Day Parades are taken seriously and are well attended on Coronado Island.  According to the parade handout, an estimated 70,000 people attended last year.  

The horses and riders in the top picture were representatives of Escondido, one of the oldest cities in San Diego County.

The parade was a lot of fun and a very patriotic event.

Have a good week!  

Border Patrol

Border Patrol

Another View of Border Patrol in Coronado Parade


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