Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quality Family Time

I hope your holidays were quality family time.  Between Christmas and New Years Day, my wife, our daughter, and I worked to assemble this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Over the course of four days we gathered around the dining room table and searched for puzzle pieces that mated one to the other.  This puzzle was especially hard because of coloration and the large number of pieces.  We had great difficulty with the border and were probably 75% finished before the perimeter was correctly completed.

The three of us had interesting small talk as we huddled around this objective for many hours.  We'd quit for meals, breaks, naps, phone calls, and trips to the store.  We thought of giving up, but persevered to completion before we drove to Raleigh on Wednesday to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art where many works of the late artist and illustrator, Norman Rockwell, are on display for a few more weeks.

Have a good first week in 2011!

Closing in on the final 1,000 piece jigsaw



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