Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Boat Cruise in Southwestern France

We rented this 42-foot cabin cruiser from Le Boat in Douelle near Cahors in SW France and cruised Le Lot River for about 50 kilometers over seven days and nights. Here are pictures of the boat and river. I'll show other pictures of the vacation in a later week.  Click on pictures to enlarge and click the highlighted hot links for for information.

Have a good week!

Here Nancy and Doreen (not in view) are holding lines as the lock is filled to float the boat to the level needed to proceed. 

The locks are big enough for two boats.  Don and I manually opened and closed the gates.

The view we awakened to see one morning.

The Pont Valentre Bridge at Cahors was built seven hundred years ago.

A view inside a lock.

Our boat on Le Lot River

Docked here to spend one night.

A typical view on the river which we traveled for about 50 kilometers upstream and back.

A typical weir alongside each of the 13 locks we passed.

Passing through another lock.


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