Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Would You Do?

How much flow of cold water passes through your faucets when you open hot water spigots? See the the pictures below for these measurements in my house at two locations.  It bothers me to know these amounts of clean water are wasted while waiting for the warmth to arrive to begin shaving or bathing.  I capture these amounts at one lavatory and use the bucket of clean water for household uses and not let it be wasted down the drain.  I know there are systems available to make hot water instantly appear when the faucet is opened.   I believe it would cost $500.  I'm thinking about having a plumber look at my piping and quote a cost.  What would you do?
Have a good week!
Three quarts of cold water flows before warm water arrives.

The same in the bath tub as the lavatory above at the other end of house.


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