Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don't stop. Keep improving.

Dear Readers Who Are 1/4 to 1/2 My Age:

"One rule-of-thumb suggests most people should spend 3% of their annual disposable income on instructional activities to advance personal growth and professional development.  Consumption of books, attendance at seminars and conferences, completion of classes, or enrollment in online courses are examples of ways to stay abreast of changing times. If one's income after taxes is $30,000, for example, the rule implies that $900 should be spent on activities to stay up-to-date.  The point is this:  Your diploma is just the beginning of the learning needed to stay satisfied to contribute to your family and to society.  Decide what your per annum spending should be for your personal growth and professional development until you're my age and beyond."

Mike Mabe (1947 - ____ )
soldier 3, university student 4, corporate leader 32, high school substitute teacher 11, leadership coach 2, married 47+, offspring 2, no meds 70.


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