Friday, July 07, 2006


In the above picture is a large white oak tree that must be 150 fifty years old.
The coordinates of its location are

N 36 degrees 11.021 minutes

W 80 degrees 23.041 minutes

923 feet elevation

The unusual things about this tree is found at its base. See the below pictures and notice the young cedar tree growing next to this giant trunk.

As I pass this tree almost daily, I've started watching this young cedar and wonder about its future and how growth started so close the this huge oak. I think, "most likely a bird deposited a seed there only a few years ago and as it grew the lawn mower couldn't get close enough to cut it."

It will be interesting to see how long this cedar can grow in the shade of this great white oak. I can only imagine what will happen when this cedar grows larger with its foliage reaching higher into the limbs of the neighboring hardwood. Will there be enough water to support the root system of the developing cedar? Is there enough direct sunlight to sustain life and make it grow big? Will birds find this cedar a good place to nest or roost?

It's fascinating to watch nature and be instructed by her wonder.

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