Friday, November 17, 2006

What Do You See

The top picture is what I see every morning when I look outside before daylight. I always rise from bed around 4:30 AM and after bathroom duties I venture to the window to look outdoors to see about weather conditions. I use a wireless remote switch to turn on a light that shines onto the birch tree beside our deck. I leave this light turned on until daylight so I can see outside as I walk past the window two times as I move from my computer to the coffee pot.

If you look at the top picture closely to the left of the tree trunk about one-third the way up you may see a white dot. A closer view of the white dot is shown in the bottom picture. This is a recent addition I made to illuminate the outdoors further away from my house. I added a 100 watt light bulb under the patio roof over the spring which is about 300 feet behind my house. This bulb is on a 24-hour timer and is set to turn on for a couple hours after dusk and again before dawn. A United States flag hangs underneath the roof's edge which adds color to the surrounding darkness. Click here to see daylight view of shelter in bottom picture.

This look-see to the outdoors is one way I eagerly begin each new day.

Return here on Sunday, November 19 for an update.

Have a good day!


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