Friday, December 08, 2006

A Military Draft Summation

Savings can be achieved with a draft such as reduced marketing and advertising expenses to promote the current all volunteer military. Enlistment bonuses would disappear.

ROTC programs in high schools and colleges could be scaled back to save money. The number of recruiters could be reduced since the draft would populate our military along with the volunteers who don't need much persuasion.

Re-enlistment in the military as a career choice would function normally with usual incentives.

The transition from all volunteer to the draft should start with 18, 22, and 25 year old young adults registering for the draft.

The military would be populated with a more highly educated and mature force as well as with children of parents from all walks of life in our society.

Deployment of these forces would be weighed and measured much more closely by politicians since some of their children, nephews, nieces, cousins would most likely be part of the military.

The make-up of our military forces would be something all citizens could be proud and feel they have more reasons to be interested and involved.

Only a fraction of our population is needed for military service. It should be considered a privilege to serve if ones name is randomly chosen. It should not be viewed with dread or negative stigma. The mindset and attitude of change begins with you and me. The people whose name is randomly chosen should be celebrated and morally supported by us.

It may take 5 years or 50 years to bring about a military force that is viewed by all of us with great pride because of widespread participation. Just like the room in the picture above where brick-by-brick the ceiling curves to join and rest on the circular support columns, our military can be much more a work of art by making it populated with a cross-section of our society.

The room above is an architectural masterpiece that was difficult, costly, and time consuming to build. This structure at Los Suenos, Costa Rica is not straight lines, square corners and steel beams. It is different, complex, strong and sturdy, and a beautiful sight to behold. Our military force and national patriotism can be equivalent to this sight.

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