Friday, December 01, 2006

Beautiful Architecture

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. When you gathered with family or friends this past Thanksgiving, were there any discussions, prayers, or expressions of appreciation or moral support of military personnel and our Armed Forces? Did anyone at your gathering say anything positive or negative about the organizations and institutions that keep us safe and free. If this topic was missing from Thanksgiving talk it doesn't mean party members were not thankful for these people, but it probably means military personnel are low on the list of priorities.

The priorities that show from us at gatherings like Thanksgiving are food, each other, football, good health, PlayStation, computers, vacation trips talk, college studies talk, sports talk, and the like.

Most likely there was not a relative or loved one involved in the Armed Forces. So if nobody close is involved, why think about it or bring up the subject at a Thanksgiving celebration or any other time, right?

It seems to me that lots of people feel they are above serving in the military. I rarely hear adults talking about asking their children to consider the military when they come of age or graduate from college.

I see fewer and fewer entertainment stars, college presidents, chief executive officers in business, politicians or professional athletes with military service on their biographical information. I see lots of people with military service in their bio when I read the daily obituary column in my local newspaper. Lots of older people served in the military in the past and achieved high civilian positions later in life.

Without a draft, most people will not serve to defend our country and give only glib thanks to the people who do serve in the military.

Return here on Monday, December 4th for a conceptual plan on how the draft could start again and begin to get all of us involved and interested.

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