Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Retired Generals & Colonels:

I am writing to you to raise the question, “Where are you?”. Most of you retired in your 40’s or early 50’s after a stellar career of managing resources and leading men and women. You’ve served on domestic bases and in many countries representing the United States. You interacted with people in various positions of authority in foreign lands.

Many of you were schooled in one of the military academies and received the best possible well-rounded education. Others received a quality education in state or private colleges and universities. Throughout your military career you worked to keep your management and technology skills honed and up-to-date. You’ve worked with people of all stripes, color, and ethnic backgrounds.

My question is this: as a retiree, why aren’t you running for public office or teaching in a university? I know some of you are and I salute you! There are many generals and colonels who have disappeared into the “woodwork” of society. I realize some of you found employment with defense contractors.

There are public positions at the local, state, and national levels that need people with your background and skill sets. Just look at some of the people who are elected to many of these positions. They are nowhere near the quality of you.

You’ve got a good pension and time to fill elected positions in government. You have the experience and maturity to teach in universities and colleges. Colin Powell asserted himself in government after he retired. Wesley Clark, another retired general, ran for an elected office. Other high ranking military retirees are in universities and are influencing young people in positive ways. Our country needs men and women like you.

I encourage you to get involved. You Are Needed!

Have a good week!


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