Monday, July 17, 2006

Spring Flow

My father built this enclosure over the spring using mortar and cobblestones (top picture). The date embedded in the top cement slab was March 25, 1975. This structure was built to keep animals and leaves out as well as to prevent surface water from flowing into this fresh water supply.

The next picture is a view inside the spring from the top looking down. A 4 feet diameter concrete pipe open at both ends was positioned upright on the water vein. A 3 inch hole was bored through the side of the pipe near the top to allow the incoming water to exit the reservoir when full. This overflow drains through a 2 inch aluminum tube a distance of several feet and spills into another concrete pipe. This pipe can be seen in pictures on the previous post.

The bottom photo is a view inside this concrete pipe. The overflow from the spring spills here. The flow continues through a 6" diameter PCV pipe a distance of about 70' to a small branch. This branch originates from other springs further up the valley. This is the way creeks, streams, and rivers are formed. Groundwater comes to the earth's surface and begins to flow, meets other streams, combines, and eventually forms large creeks or rivers. This headwater joins other headwaters to become Bashavia Creek further downstream. My next blog post will describe and show the route this water takes to the Yadkin River.

The hose in the top picture extends to the reservoir's bottom to the inside of a white 5-gallon bucket with large holes bored into its side. The bucket helps prevent gravel and dirt from being sucked from the spring bottom when the pump is in operation.

The hose above ground is attached to a gasoline powered trash pump. The pump can remove this volume in less than five minutes as four 55 gallon drums are filled.

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At 7/17/2006 4:22 PM, Anonymous Sherryl said...

What is the difference between a well and a spring? I always thought that was a well. I have many memories of hanging out down there around the creek years ago. Since it is a spring, I'm assuming it had something to do with the name "Silver Springs Road." Do you know who coined the name and why?

At 7/17/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger mmabe said...

This spring is in fact the source for the road name "Silver Springs".
I believe Doreen first came up with the idea and my mother and father worked with city government to make it official. Before then, it was called Lineback Rd.There are several springs up the valley behind where you lived, hence, the reason for plural in the road name.

When you dig through ground to reach water, it is a well. Good question!



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