Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New House

Here is another photo of the new house across the street from my mother's home. I watched this construction advance during my frequent visits to mom's.

I watched with admiration the workmen who erected the rafters, poured the concrete driveway and landscaped the lawn. The crews were different for each phase. My attention focused on the teamwork and compatibility that existed among the crew members. Every worker stayed busy as the job advanced efficiently. I could not decide who was the foreman or supervisor by watching them work or by their dress. Everyone worked continuously without much talk or pausing to lean on long handled tools. I didn't see them take smoke breaks or stop for snacks and drinks.

I've noticed teamwork by construction crews on other job sites. A few years ago I was in a tire shop on Eastchester Drive in High Point, North Carolina waiting for tires to be installed on my car. As I waited in the lounge, I watched masons working across the street. The outside temperature was in the mid-nineties. The masons and their helpers were on scaffolding probably twenty feet high as this new Eckerd's Pharmacy began to take shape. Everyone worked with the dedication of honeybees. It was amazing and a beautiful sight to see them function in the mid-day heat.

I've made similar observations of construction crews working on job sites on Saturday and Sunday. These Hispanic looking men appeared to appreciate their jobs.

The house in the above picture is for sale at $159,900 if you're interested.

Return here on Friday, December 15 for an update.

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