Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Review and Resolve

Last year I updated this blog 194 times with photos, images and words. The topics about which I wrote were based on life experiences, my hobbies and interests, family and friends, books I've read, places I've been and opinions I possess.

Several readers replied with emails, talked to me by phone and in person or sometimes posted a reply online. Most feedback has been positive about the blog. My mother and aunt look forward to reading hard copies since they don't have computers and Internet.

The topic I enjoyed writing most were the 15 postings about the life and times of my Uncle Lee Anderson. Hard copies of that series were placed inside plastic sheet protectors inside three-ring binders and loaned to people who knew my uncle but don't use computers. They loved reading his amazing story and seeing pictures throughout his life. The writing brought back fond memories for them.

The next favorite writing was about my friend Herschel Lamb. There was a lot of reader interest in that series.

My next favorite was the series of 18 postings on my experiences in Vietnam. It had been a long time since I'd thought about that year in 1966 to that depth. I intentionally visited my memory and reviewed old photos to bring back my recollection of those events. It was fun to pour over that year and reflect upon all that's happened since.

In 2007 I'm setting a goal to write around 60 blog updates. This is far fewer than the 195 in 2006. I expect to write about various topics that come to mind throughout the year.

I hope you'll check this blog about once per week for updates and continue your feedback to me.

Have a good week!


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