Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Active Duty

Dear FaceBook & Instagram friends who are 1/3 to 1/2 my age and serving in military uniform on active duty:

"Please know that I think of you often and pray for you during my quiet contemplations.  I know what it's like to wear a uniform and be in harm's way.  When I was there, I stayed in quiet contemplation with the One who created me and am certain that my strength and endurance throughout were derived from that connection.  My comrades and our leaders performed amazing feats in the combat zones and my participation with them impacted me for the rest of my life.  My life has been enriched beyond imagination and I am so satisfied by my experiences in uniform.  I hope you will feel the same when you're my age.  In the meantime, do your job well and work hard to grow in all aspects of duty, family, and country.  As I continue to wear my original and only set of dog tags, know that this veteran is so proud of you and so greatly appreciates your sacrifices.  I will continue my prayers in support of you and pay my taxes in full without complaint."

Mike Mabe (1947 - ____ )
soldier 3, university student 4, corporate leader 32, high school substitute teacher 11, leadership coach 2, married 47+, offspring 2, no meds 70


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