Monday, October 30, 2017

Don't Be A Caveman

Dear Fellow Men and All Women,

“Some human males behave as a caveman, mostly interested in flesh not the soul inside another.  I have read about male behaviors that I consider like a cave-dweller. 

Men can wear business suits, sports costumes or ordinary work clothes, smile big, hold powerful positions, and possess resources.  They can also possess a lack of self-control, an unrestrained desire for beautiful people, and a disregard for the souls of others. 

I read one report by a chauffeur who overheard a young woman in the backseat of his car pleading, “please don’t hurt me” to the caveman who was coming onto her sexually.  Many women are reporting “metoo” about unwanted sexual advances by men.

My advice is this: Avoid 1:1 meetings in private with men no matter who the man and no matter a yearning to get ahead.  Do not put one’s soul at risk by being alone with a man in remote and secluded places.

Sex between modern humans should be planned, verbally agreed to, and with advance appointment times and designated places for the intended purpose so both parties knowingly want it, understood all the way to the particulars. 

Men, do not proceed down the pathway to sex without an appointment, even with one’s wife.”

Mike Mabe (1947 - ____ )
soldier 3, university student 4, corporate leader 32, high school substitute teacher 12, leadership coach 2, married 48, offspring 2, no meds 70


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