Sunday, February 11, 2018

First Name George

This day, February 11, 2018 is 99 years after the birth of George Mabe who is standing in the middle of two people with the same name in the picture below.  In 1919 George was born in a farm house beside Skylark Road in Pfafftown, North Carolina 27040. The old clapboard house has long ago been replaced by a brick, ranch style house and the former farm is called Twilight Acres.  George, the youngest of siblings, grew and helped his family sharecrop on several tobacco farms as they moved from one rent house to another in the vicinity.  Mabe promised himself that if he found another job, he’d never return to that way of life.  He found another job after serving in WWII.  At RJR he devoted his career to serving the cigarette company.  George on the right in the photo is the first of three offspring by the 1919 George.  The man adored his wife, loved his three children, and was salt of the earth throughout his life.  Faith in God, love of Jesus and the invisible Hand of the Spirit guided him throughout his years.  George standing on the left in the photo was born in Stokes County in 1878.  George on the right was born the City Hospital in Winston-Salem in 1947.


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