Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls Park

Snoqualmie Falls is located about thirty miles east of Seattle and is visited by 1.5 million people each year.  We were five of those visitors in 2010 to view this 270 foot waterfall.  See the pictures below and watch the short video at the designated link.  If you travel to Seattle, be sure to visit this amazing park.

Have a good week!

Link to the park's home page here

gushing, rushing, sparkling, twirling, swirling, whirling, misting, soaking, splashing

roaring, pouring, plunging, meandering, tumbling, rumbling, crashing

See video by clicking here

See the park's lodge in the top left of this picture.

Walkways around the Snoqualmie Park
The "ing" verbs under the pictures describe the water.  These words were inlaid in random steps along the trail to the waterfall.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ann Mabe, Glenda Boles, Doreen, and I traveled from Pfafftown, North Carolina where we live to Seattle to visit our daughter.  Doreen and I have visited Seattle twice per year for the past 5 years.  This time we took my mother and sister.  Mother is age 86 and this trip was a big deal for us.

My mother Ann, sister Glenda Boles and I wait in Atlanta for the non-stop flight to Seattle.

We arrived at my daughter's office in downtown Seattle at 5:00 PM.

We took an Argosy harbor cruise around Elliot Bay to see the city from the water.

A ferry carried us from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.  Our car was on a lower deck.
We rented a 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis GS.

Embassy Suites is where we lodged and ate breakfast daily.  My mother ate an omelet, yogurt, toast, and cantaloupe each morning.  I didn't know she could eat so much. 

We stood along Alki Beach in West Seattle.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Thanks To You

Thank you for making last Thursday a wonderful day for this veteran. Below is a list of ways people touched me with their expressions of gratitude for military service.

Cards delivered to me through the post office

A telephone call early Thursday morning from a former student at Reagan High School

Telephone calls from relatives

Two text messages throughout the day

Email messages

The ceremony at Wake Forest University

Postings on facebook

Handshakes and embraces from random people that day

Comments and actions by a woman with four young girls at Staley's Restaurant

Remarks by the old-timer friends at Biscuitville

The free 6" sub at Subway

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


While vacationing in Alexandria, Virginia recently, we rode the Metro from the King Street Station into DC and visited the Newseum.  This news museum opened in 2008 at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue. The museum is about the role of news throughout the world in the last 75 years. See a link here.

Here are a few pictures of the many interesting displays we saw that day.

The actual cabin occupied by Theodore J. Kaczynski, the Unabomber, while he lived in this lonely shack in Lincoln, Montana.

Par of Ted Kaczynski's manifesto

Enlarged front pages of newspapers from around the world are displayed daily along the front of the museum for sidewalk traffic to view beginning early each day.
There is a large panel showing pictures of journalists killed in the line of duty.  A ceremony is held here annually when additional names and photos are added.
An actual guard tower from the Berlin Wall is on display.

A broadcast studio is located on the third floor with the White House in view through the window.  Christiane Amanpour broadcasts the show "This Week" each Sunday morning from this studio.

Here is a section of the Berlin Wall